Real Estate Blogging – Empowering Home Buyers And Sellers

Blogs are considered trendy venues today fro people to write about their ideas, opinions, or marketing insights. Generally considered much like online journals or diaries, these have revolutionized the manner in which people voice their opinions, or even in the way they sell or promote their products or services.

According to Internet industry observers, blogs are comparable to telling it like it is at the street level, and has also made an impact on the real estate industry as well. Experts note that real-estate blogging began in the Bay area, got a foothold in New York and has now has gained much acceptance in most of the United States. A real estate blog could discuss local housing market conditions, trends, industry news, and may also talk about the lighter side of selling homes or finding the right property investment.

Blogs Can Also Act As The Industry’s Watchdog

Real estate blogging may also have an impact in the manner in which home builders and even agents conduct their business.

For instance, a blogger could write and expose some defects at new housing projects or buildings, and zero in on concerns like leaking roofs or heating system breakdowns, poor workmanship or site maintenance. These individuals could also warn home buyers about dishonest or incompetent real estate brokers or overpriced new homes. They can even inform buyers that a neighborhood may not be safe, that a district frequently floods during spring, or that noise pollution levels are higher on this part of town.

However, bloggers need not only talk about negative stuff, as they can also heap praise and commendation on how great a neighborhood is or how honest or helpful some brokers or landlords are. Their blogs may also help to even the playing field for consumers, by giving buyers more in-depth and updated information, which previously was only reserved for housing market professionals or brokers and their staffers.

A Blogger Could Even Talk About A Neighborhood’s Character And Lifestyle Patterns

According to housing market observers, real estate industry blogs offer the edge because they tell people more about the areas they may be considering moving into. Readers could be able to find out just about the neighborhood’s character, or what kinds of stores, restaurants, shops and clubs are there.

While previously, most of the information available would come from those representing the sale of properties or from established brokers, the blogs these days usually will come from ordinary people, which will have the same agenda as the consumer. And although on most blogs, just about anyone can post and there is little fact-checking or accuracy testing, it won’t necessarily mean that the quality of information is questionable, as some readers may feel free to correct it and post their comments also.

Most housing industry analysts view that blogs help to fully empower consumers, which will help them make better choices, obtain services at better prices, and locate credible brokers, mortgage consultants or other service providers. It may even help sellers reduce the standard 6-percent broker’s commission when they sell a property, by giving them the exact information and confidence to negotiate for much better deals.

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