Recipes For Creating Successful Real Estate Blogging

The art of blogging has opened up a whole new world for real estate professionals.

While some succeed, most still fail to fully utilize and make full use of the potentials offered by this new method, and are having problems writing top-notch blog posts that would drive large amounts of targeted traffic and widen search engine interest. Finding ways to interest both your readers and the search engines as well is quite a tricky task, as you need to find the right formula that will guarantee enhanced readership levels and higher search engine placement for your real estate blog.

Create Keyword-Rich Title For Your Posts

In a study for GoogScore algorithm made by online consulting firm Randfish, the keywords in the title of your post are essential factors, which means that if your post is about buying condos in Coral Springs, you should properly use the terms “Buying,” “Condos” and “Coral Springs” in your title. For your readers, they would like to be able to easily scan a title and figure out what the article is about. Therefore, it helps to go for the obvious title than simply come up with a clever metaphor and play on words.

Start Your Blog Post By Describing The Benefits Of Reading Your Articles

Most search engine put much greater value on the words closest to the top of the page, so you will need to include your primary keywords in the very first sentence. The main purpose of the first sentence in your article is to make the reader feel the need to read the second sentence, therefore coming up with a very good first sentence is a major factor. You have to engage your readers with your first sentence by either asking a significant question that expresses the benefits of reading the article, as well as by summarizing the major points of your post.

Try To Direct Your Readers To Your Lead Generation Tool

It’s a fact that many individuals like to be told what to do on the Internet, as it helps to create a sense of comfort and purpose as well. At the end of each post, you should be able to guide readers to your lead generation tool, RSS subscription page or back to your Web site where they can contact you or search for a home.

Use the Blogging Community to Make Friends and Clients

In fully utilizing the potentials of your blog, you will learn here how to locate local non-competitor bloggers and use useful tools such as commenting and trackbacks to get these individuals to also promote your blog to their readers as well. Commenting on other blogger’s posts, whether it’s the blog of a contractor, landscaper, photographer, lawyer, author, artist or someone else, will promote goodwill and also would lead them back to you blog as well.

Use Your Blog As A Potent Networking Tool

An effective real estate blog just doesn’t talk about real estate all the time. A large opportunity for networking with local residents and businesses is present, and you should learn to connect with it. As there exists a community-oriented blog, you should be able to invite individual homeowners or homeowner associations and ask them to post pertinent information and schedules as well on your site. You could also invite local businesses and ask them to also feel free to post about their services, particularly those related to the real estate industry.

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